Copenhagen Miniracing Club.

May 4, 2003 - The Danish EuroSport championship 2003.

Here are a story and some pictures from a very exciting racing day.
Unfortunatly, my EuroSport chassis arrived in the mail the day after the race,
but I had the opportunity to make these photos while playing race-director of the event.

11 hot EuroSport cars tech'ed and ready for action.

Now, they are a real nice view, aren't they?

This is the "business" side of the cars.

First of the the fast qualifiers are Peter Rousing.
He pulls off a 4.8'th lap right after the picture. A realy good time.
Unfortunatly I din't get the right picture though.

But still Peter is beaten by Vest making a 4.789.

Next man up, track owner Martin Borch runs an impressive 4.741
and feels confident enough to stop short of the full qualifying time.

However, maybe Martin should have tried one or two more laps,
because right after, Thomas Mortensen sets the qualifying time of the day,
with a really impressive 4.698.

Now after qualifying, 4 heats where raced in order for
everybody to get two changes of making it to the final.

The cars are aligned for the final. From left to right:
Per Søndergård
Steen Michaelsen
Thomas Mortensen
Peter Rousing
Niels "Schummi"
Martin Borch
Peder Pedersen

Again the driver in the final, from left to right:
Peder Pedersen
Martin Borch
Niels "Schummi"
Peter Rousing
Thomas Mortensen
Steen Michaelsen
Per Søndergård

The drivers are still relaxed. The race has not started yet.

(Maybe if he stoped taking photo's, we could get on with the race!)

End of heat-1.
The drivers are very busy servicing the cars. After 3 minutes
of racing, all of the 2 minutes break is needed to find that
extra 1/100 that might make the difference.

They all ran fast and very concentrated. In fact we did not
have a single track call during the first two 3 minutes rounds.
Thomas took the pole from the start and got as much as 4 lap
headway, but just as we thought he had it in the bag, a disastorous
run on the gutter lane, made the other catch up.

That opened a change for Steen and Martin
to tryout the front running for a while.

Per services his car after getting in the lead for the
first time in the final.

Peter, Martin and Steen.
The puls is running. Now how abouth this stuff, should I
inject it in the motor, or maybe directly in the veins !

At the end, we needed to bring out the old yardstick to figure out the
4'th and 5'th place. Precise measurements showed that Niels in the car
that appears at the back, actual was 3 inches in front of Thomas.
Tuff luck.

The computer printout from the final shows the result of a very close race.
Only poor Vest had a bit of misfortune and suffered from a stuck motor brush.
Otherwise it was a battle all the way.
Note that the qualifying time (4.698) was beaten in-race, by both Martin (4.613) and Per (4.660)
A well deserved congratulations to everybody involved.

Winner Per Søndergård, with Martin Borch as second
and Steen Michaelsen with the bronze. Congratulations !

All the EuroSport drivers enjoy the sun after the race.
The Danish EuroSport 2003 has ended. This also marks the end
of the winter/spring season at our club.
See you all in the fall for a lot more exciting slotcar racing.

Opdateret d. 5.5.2003